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CYS Heat-Model Perm

"Cysteine HCL" and " Amino acid oxime molecule" make it easy to penetrate without having to inflate the hair. It can soften the hair, so that the damaged hair is no longer be harmed for second time. At the same time, the amino acid protein is added to the hair, so the hair is rich in luster and elasticity.When the most appropriate softening degree is reached, the softening will stop automatically. If the residence time is extended for 5 to 10 minutes, the hair will not continue to soften, in order to avoid excessive softening, reduce failure rate and improve the perfection after perm.It is used for hot perm, and is used as a medicine roll method.First dose / second dose of water (sodium bromate)  Perm │ 500ML  ※ Professional Salon Use Only